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Turmoil on Ethio-Sudan border


Sudan’s parliamentary deputy in the Council of States, and former official in Gedaref State, said Monday that thousands of Ethiopian farmers have begun to build three villages inside Sudanese Alvhqh region near the Ethiopian border.

He told former Gedaref State and parliamentary Mutasim Abdul Jalil that the deliberations of the Council on Monday that Alamehra adjacent to the area Alvhqh Alsodaanh province is inhabited by about 27 million Ethiopians versus 1.4 million population of Gedaref State which expands Ethiopia inside Sudanese territory.

According to the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Council in Gedaref State, Mohammed Abdullah al-Mardi, control of the Ethiopian army on three areas in eastern Sudan came before the kidnapping by militias from Ethiopia of 20 Sudanese nationals, who later were released in exchange for financial ransom of 360 million pounds.

According to a press statement, issued after a meeting with parliament speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omar last Thursday, it was known that “the Ethiopian militia occupies localities Alvhqh and Basnodh and Garihh East, an estimated area of ​​one million acres, adjacent to the borders of Ethiopia,” and referred to it as “land fertile and flat and with a balanced climate and high productivity “.

The MP said “We are facing serious security problem.” He said, that the Sudanese-Ethiopian border suffer from lack of regular security patrols monitor. And he demanded the transfer of the experience of the joint forces there to stop the attacks by gangs on the Ethiopian population Alvhqh area.

Abdul Jalil said the Ethiopians control Almzraaaan two million acres in the region.
*Unofficial translation from Khartoum Road

Credit: FBC

Credit: FBC

 The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

posted by Gheremew Araghaw

Meanwhile, Communication and Information Technology Minister Debretsion Gebremichael today announced that Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to establish a free trade zone.

This would come into fruition, according to the minister, following a study that would be undertaken by joint committee that has already been established and submits its recommendations within three months.

One of the accomplishments of this exercise would be to enable Ethiopian and Sudanese banks to open offices in both countries.

At this very moment, it is reported that 513 Sudanese companies have investments in Ethiopia, worth $2 billion, according to the news report.

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