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Cruelty of TPLF against Haromaya and Jimma Universitys students in the last 24 hour continues – See more at:

by Jawar Mohammed

‎#OromoProtests‬ cruelty of TPLF against Haromaya University students in the last 24 hour. After taking them out of their dormitories last night, the soldiers made them sit in a field in the dark until desk. In the morning they kept them there without breakfast.

As the sun heated up, the denied them water. The also denied them lunch. In the afternoon heavy rain fell. The soldiers brought in the school bus and sheltered themselves. But forced the students to remain seated by keeping the barren of their guns on them When students requested food/ water a Tigrean commander loudly told them ” we fought in empty stomach in barren desert facing hunger, thirst, rain and heat. You want to fight us, be men like us taste the challenge”.

They were let go back to their dormitories late in the evening. ( The 1st picture shows students soaked rain and the second show students nursing each other’s wound as they were denied medical assistance)


Oromo students

#‎OromoProtests‬ update Jimma University. You might recall that last night grenade was thrown on Oromo students protesting peacefully. Sources at Jimma University Hospital reveal that a total of 33 students were injured and 2 of them life threatening injury. All of them have “fragments of blasts in their body parts.” The two students who sustained are said to be on “mechanical ventilation”. One is with splenetic rapture transfused with 6 units of blood so far and still in need of more blood. The second with lung contusion operated around 17 hours back but still on mechanical ventilation.” They are both in very critical condition. Will update with more details.

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