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Over 30 protesting Jimma University students injured in bomb attack Ethiomedia January 12, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC (Ethiomedia) – Over 30 students of Jimma University were injured in a bomb attack Sunday night out of which two were on a life-support system, a social media source has reported.

The students were protesting in the dark when a hand grenade was hurled at them. Two were in critical condition while nearly all those injured were suffering from shrapnel wounds, the source said.

The two-month-old protest in Oromia region was sparked when news broke that an Addis Ababa Master Plan would, if implemented, uproot over two million Oromo farmers from their farms and ancestral homelands.

So far, at least 140 civilians have been killed, thousands injured, and tens of thousands detained.

Meanwhile, Haromaya students were subjected to hunger for over 24 hours when soldiers broke into the student dormitories Sunday night, pulled the students out into the cold, and kept them in the rain without food from dawn to dusk.

The TPLF regime is trying to quel the protests by deploying members of the army who speak neither Oromiffa nor Amharic. Latest developments say officials of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), a member of the coalition EPRDF ruling party, raising questions of accountability over who is ruling Oromia region.

The OPDO officials are reportedly accusing TPLF of widespread beatings, arrests and killings in the region. TPLF officials in turn have been accusing OPDO of being “soft” on crushing the student protests, and hence the deployment of non-Oromo forces in the region.

Some political observers say the latest OPDO-TPLF conflict is the ruling party’s ruse so that the Oromo people would keep faith in OPDO, and hence by extension in TPLF.

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