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An Urgent Call to Launch a worldwide Protest and Petition Drive to Defend the People in the Omo Valley

Mesay Mekonnen

March 6, 2016

We must launch a worldwide protest as well as a petition campaign to expose this level of inhumanity being committed by TPLF on the people of the Omo Valley. The Ethiopian Democratic opposition, freedom forces and those who are involved in Social Media such as Facebook should never overlook and be silent when Ethiopians in the Omo Valley are subjected to this level of degradation comparable to what the white fascists did to black Africans during slavery.

Omo Valley 3

TPLF agents are spreading a false rumor on Facebook claiming the picture is from South Sudan and not from the Omo Valley. And some of us are falling for this cheap TPLF propaganda. We should ignore the usual TPLF lie and let us become a voice for these voiceless Ethiopians in the Omo Valley.  If not, what is the meaning of being Ethiopian? What are we doing when they tie a rope around their neck and blood is oozing through their mouth and nose?

We need to shake up all TPLF embassies around the world. We must also express our anger at the Western donors who are funding the expulsion of our farmers from their land to build projects that has no value to the people. We have to conduct an intense and fiery agitation to raise awareness this week. We are so accustomed to oppression and abuse by TPLF, we have finally reached this unimaginable level of degradation and shame.

Ethiopian communities in all cities around the Diaspora including the US and Europe should make an urgent call to all Ethiopians.

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