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Ethiopia: Slavery then and Now

Ethiopia: Slavery then and Now

March 26, 2016

In the bible, Solomon- the smartest man ever lived-said there is nothing new under the sun. He is right. Things change their form but not their essence or content. So is slavery. Slavery still exist but it has changed its appearance or form.


TPLF has declared land to belong to the government and not to the people. But the government is TPLF. And it owns all the land in Ethiopia including its resources. What is the evidence we have to get to this conclusion? Look at the TPLF’s Master Plan to rob land from the Oromia region. In Ethiopia ,highly productive lands are owned by either TPLF. its cronies or foreign investors. Land to the tiller has become land to TPLF. The slogan that sparked the Ethiopian revolution in 1974, ” Land to the tiller” is still waiting to be resolved.

TPLF uses all kind of ways to subjugate the people whose lives depend on the land. What TPLF is doing to the people in the Omo Valley to steal their land is comparable to what slave traders did during the slavery days. The pictures speak for themselves. These images talk louder than words.

Ethiopians have to say enough is enough to this level of shame. They have to take out and throw TPLF out of power by any means necessary. If these images do not push us to a decisive action against TPLF, nothing will.


poated by Geremew Aragaw

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