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Tedros Adhanom played a key role in kidnapping of prominent dissident By Abebe Gellaw

In his bid to win the position of Director-General for the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is playing a nice technocrat. At every venue and opportunity, he presents himself as a humble, smiley and caring and humanitarian who loses sleep over the state of world health. But his 12-page campaign CV never mentions his most important experience that made it possible for him to climb the ladder of power within the tyrannical regime oppressing and misruling Ethiopia.

In a move that can be interpreted as fraud by omission, he failed to mention the fact that he is a top Executive and Central Committee member of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), a brutal and corrupt ethno-fascist political group mainly responsible for gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity in Ethiopia.

The perfect pretender

Before it came to power in 1991 through a violently destructive armed struggle, the TPLF was blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Homeland Security’s Global Terrorism Database. There are a select few key decision makers within the TPLF, the nine-member gang–the executive committee. The gang is ultimately responsible for all the corruption, killings, torture, mass detention, land grab or displacement. Adhanom is among the top three within the gang. He was very close to the late dictator Meles Zenawi, who trusted him to be a confidant as well as a cabinet minister. But the numbers Adhanom is throwing to foreign journalists and diplomats are not about those who were murdered and tortured by the TPLF, which claims to represent minority Tigrians, at the detriment of the rest of the population.

With the help of Mercury Public Affairs, a high-end U.S.-based lobbying firm that calls itself a “high-stakes public strategy firm”, he is hyping up his dubious succcesses: conquered malaria, destroyed HIV, reduced infant mortality, built thousands and thousands of clinics. But they never talk about the reality behind the exaggerated figures.

Once a trusted right-hand man of the late tyrant, Meles Zenawi, whom Adhanom refers to as the “great leader”, he wasn’t an ordinary health minister (2005-2012) and foreign minister (2012-2016). He rose from a rank-and-file member of the TPLF to its central and executive committees. TPLF, where membership is mainly based on ethnic origin, is responsible for countless killings, torture, mass detentions and violent repressions. Its divide and rule system has instituted a highly discriminatory political and economic structure that has enabled it to dominate and subjugate the majority. Given his narrow-minded and ethnocentric experience, his aspiration to lead WHO is an oxymoron.

Adhanom is involved in terrible decisions and actions that violate the rights and dignity of others. It turns out that a prominent dissident is one of Adhanom’s victims.

Kidnapping in Sana’a


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